Model Futurist
Contemporary Timeless Luxury

Model Futurist


The Futurist opts for a modern approach; incorporating sophisticated lighting systems that delicately highlight day and night measures throughout a 24-hour period. With the collection and preservation of fine art often being a focal point for Oppidum clients, the Futurist serves many purposes.

First, the Futurist protects clients while also preserving one-of-a-kind pieces in the setting of a modern art gallery underneath the home that can be accessed at any time. Oppidum also places a bank-level security vault in a special space specifically made for properly showcasing, lighting, and preserving each piece and objet d’art. An entire ecosystem is completed with subtle background noises to go along with stunning art pieces on display throughout the Oppidum.

Starting from $15,000,000
Living area 535 m2 / 5 759 sq ft
Foundation depth 6,7 m / 22 ft
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 6

Optional: inner garden, cinema, swimming pool, art gallery gym, sauna, staff quarters

Model Futurist plan
Blast Protected Blast Protected
Gas Tight Gas Tight
Energy Independent Energy Independent
Seismic Protected Seismic Protected
CBRN Protected CBRN Protected
Generation Upgrades Generation Upgrades
Vat number


Futurist is another model designed by Marc Prigent. The design is a modern-day castle with a minimalist, contemporary approach. The Futurist is defined by smooth shapes and bright peaceful whites with many calm, relaxing areas. Art is also a prominent aspect of the Futurist. While the previous model - L’Heritage - also houses an art gallery, Oppidum's Futurist highlights art throughout the entire living space. The new Futurist offers a contemporary design with a focal point emphasizing different aspects of timeless luxury.

Marc Prigent
Marc Prigent Model Futurist Architect




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