Unobtrusive technology

Unobtrusive technology. Unrivaled protection.

All the underlying technology that ensures your safety, security and wellbeing is hidden from view. Like the mechanism of a fine Swiss timepiece, it operates smoothly, seamlessly and reliably, quietly and constantly fulfilling its purpose while remaining unseen and untouched. One less concern in a turbulent and changing world.

Esa Ojala
Esa Ojala Shelter Technology Specialist
Oppidum shelter technology

Shelter technology for a peace of mind

Full advantage of Oppidum technology

Construction for centuries

The structure is designed and constructed to last for centuries (just like a castle), across several generations. This means a high level of service and maintenance of the facility.

Generational upgrades

The technology in Oppidum goes through generational upgrades to take full advantage of technological advances. This applies primarily to energy storage, power generators, the building management system (BMS) and security elements.


The Oppidum BMS contains an internal sub-system that operates and controls the emergency modes, CBRN filtration, CO2 removal, diesel generators, overpressure, oxygen level and more. The system enables transition to complete offline operation protected emergency mode instantly.

Energy independence

Energy Independence

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Air filtration

Air filtration

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Security & Connectivity

Security & Connectivity

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Gas Tightness

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Service & Maintenance

We devise a bespoke service plan for your project depending on its level of protection, size and location. We carry out functionality tests of the technology every three months and keep the building management system constantly updated; a remote support team of experts will be available 24/7.

In addition, we conduct regular surveys of your retreat’s surrounding ground and water environment, foundations and airtightness. We provide annual training in how to operate the various systems and also undertake training and testing for your staff up to three times a year.

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